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Jean-Louis FLORENTZ, l’oeuvre d’orgue  
Témoignages croisés
Marie-Louise LANGLAIS 

Éditions Symétrie, collection «Perpetuum mobile», Lyon, 2009, 197 pages, in french, catalog, bibliography, 38 pictures, with 2 CDs included featuring Jean-Louis Florentz complete organ works recorded under the composer direction by Michel Bourcier, Olivier Latry and Béatrice Piertot playing the organs of Paris Notre-Dame and Saint-Eustache.

Marie-Louise Jaquet-Langlais
Ombre et Lumière
Jean Langlais, 1907-1991

Éditions Combre, Paris, 1995, 437 pages, in French, with catalogs, bibliography, recordings, 54 pictures.
Éditions Combre (King Music)

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Jean LANGLAIS remembered
Marie-Louise LANGLAIS 

Translated from French into English by Bruce Gustafson, 
Arthur Lawrence, Shirley Parry and Ross Wood.

Pdf published in English on Internet, free access, 327 pages, catalog, 
65 photographs including the front page, 2016.
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