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« In Memoriam Jean Langlais »
2 radio programs celebrating Jean Langlais for the 20th anniversary of his death by Michael Barone, producer of « Pipedreams », an American public radio’s weekly program dedicated to the organ, weeks of May 9 and 13, 2011 and podcasted.

This large panorama of recordings of Jean Langlais music by himself and his wife, Marie-Louise Langlais, features also these recorded, live, by Michael Barone in 2003 at the Cathedral Basilica St Mary, Minneapolis (MN) with Marie-Louise Langlais, main organ, Basilica St Mary Choirs, Brasses and Orchestra directed by Teri Larson and Christina Harmon, choir organ, performing Langlais « Missa Salve Regina », « Sacerdos et pontifex », « Thème, variations et final ».

Total time : 1 hour 58


Total In the second tribute to Jean Langlais on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his death, Michael Barone features performances and comments by his students, friends and wife, including the recording by Marie-Louise Langlais at the organ of Roquevaire (France) of Langlais « Diptyque » for piano and organ, with Alain Raes, piano (Solstice SOCD 180, France).

Total time : 2 hours