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César Franck  
Choral III en la mineur    15’4

Gabriel Pierné
Trois Pièces :
N°1 Prélude                    3’33
N°2 Cantilène                 3’47

Charles Tournemire
Choral-Poème op.67 n°4, 
« Eli, Eli, lamma sabachtani »  	      9’32

Jean Langlais
Te Deum   5’51
La Nativité (Poèmes évangéliques)     6’36
Troisième Symphonie :                        29’39
. Introduction          6’31
. Cantabile                8’26
. Intermezzo             2’16
                        . Un dimanche matin à New-York   6’32
. Orage                       5’04

 Total time : 74’56
Press abstract

Marie-Louise Langlais : Œuvres de l’Ecole de Sainte-Clotilde
« Every french organist claims to follow one or another of the sometimes conflicting variants of the Franck tradition. Connected by marriage, Madame Langlais adds her own bend to that estimable conduit, playing the Choral and other pieces here with a decided personal involvment, real emotion molded by real restraint. The prize of this disc is the Troisième Symphonie, a 1976 reworking of material originaly composed in 1959 as American Suite (…). The programmatic/pictorial references emerge from cordial and harmonious gestures, making for an attractive display of an instrument’s ressources and a players’s ressourcefulness in a way that could appeal, without pandering, to even a novice listener”.
Michael Barone, The American Organist, USA, octobre 2000
Marie-Louise Langlais plays 
the organ of Roquevaire (France)
Works by « Sainte-Clotilde School » : 
Franck, Pierné, Tournemire, Langlais
Marie-Louise Langlais
Festivo, The Netherlands, 2000.

Festivo FECD 164